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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Higher level programming with CodeGear Delphi

Higher level is already available with ECO, that is, Model Driven Applications based on Object Relational Mapping and easier GUI development.
But ECO, which was born in Win32, was moved to .NET before most of Delphi developers recognize it.
Right now, it is one of the best hidden products in CodeGear.

On the other hand, it is possible to make higher level things with Delphi + ECO.

For example, most of the applications I develop could be designed around a few visual paradigms (my own design patterns) and implemented with Delphi + ECO.
I want to be even more precise:
1) ECO allows me to create the model (classes, relationships and constraints) for my domain objects.
2) It is possible to create a visual component for editing the runtime instances (there are several known applications based on this Configuration / Instance Map) which will need just the metadata already defined with ECO.

If you base your application on models and take advantage of those models for creating a full fledge application with almost zero lines or code, you will be providing a much higher level tool, while allowing the programmers to use Delphi code for some specific processing.

By using MDA, your model is your application. Microsoft is using their tools in .NET for creating a lot of code, because for them "code is the application".
It is an opportunity for CodeGear...

David Izada Rodríguez


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