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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Higher level programming with CodeGear Delphi

Higher level is already available with ECO, that is, Model Driven Applications based on Object Relational Mapping and easier GUI development.
But ECO, which was born in Win32, was moved to .NET before most of Delphi developers recognize it.
Right now, it is one of the best hidden products in CodeGear.

On the other hand, it is possible to make higher level things with Delphi + ECO.

For example, most of the applications I develop could be designed around a few visual paradigms (my own design patterns) and implemented with Delphi + ECO.
I want to be even more precise:
1) ECO allows me to create the model (classes, relationships and constraints) for my domain objects.
2) It is possible to create a visual component for editing the runtime instances (there are several known applications based on this Configuration / Instance Map) which will need just the metadata already defined with ECO.

If you base your application on models and take advantage of those models for creating a full fledge application with almost zero lines or code, you will be providing a much higher level tool, while allowing the programmers to use Delphi code for some specific processing.

By using MDA, your model is your application. Microsoft is using their tools in .NET for creating a lot of code, because for them "code is the application".
It is an opportunity for CodeGear...

David Izada Rodríguez

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Video de la Boda celebrada en San Diego

Thursday, March 20, 2008

He estado registrándome en múltiples sitios para búsqueda de trabajo.
Uno de ellos es EngineerGigs
Este sitio permite subir todo el curriculum y algunos datos adicionales.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Llegó el turno de conocer Los Angeles y nos fuimos a trabajar a The Kitchen Warehouse... Pero luego, Alex nos sorprendió con una invitación a un restaurante de comida cubana, el Versailles. Tenían de todo, pero pedí con moderación: unas entradas con yuca frita, croquetas con jamón y queso, masitas de puerco frito; seguimos con arroz blanco, potaje de frijoles negros, plátano maduro frito, ropa vieja y acompañamos con unas Matervas, terminando con unos cascos de guayaba con queso crema... (ahí se puede ver el destrozo que causamos)
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Nuestras primeras visitas en Newport Beach fueron a la parte antigua, junto a la costa y a la bahía interior. Comenzamos por The Crap Cooker, un restaurante realmente viejo. Continuamos con Newport Landing (esta foto fue tomada en la terraza exterior) y luego recorrimos las calles, antes de cruzar por el ferry hasta la Isla de Balboa...
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Monday, December 31, 2007

Visitando el museo Campo Alaska en La Rumorosa, a 1,300 metros de altura, en el camino entre Mexicali y Tecate/Tijuana, Baja California, México
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Monday, October 22, 2007

David Izada Rodríguez

Graduated in Mathematical Cybernetics, 1982

Yerbal 846 13D. Capital Federal (1405)





  • Graduated by Central University of Las Villas, Cuba, in Mathematical Cybernetics. Further studies on Process Modeling, Optimization, and Mathematical Statistics.
  • Self-taught in Software Engineering, Telecommunications, IP Telephony, Last mile access, and several computing applications to Market Research and data processing.
  • Experienced in designing, selling and installing computing devices, LAN and WAN networks, software, structured cabling and its certification.
  • Worked on several engineering projects related to hardware and industry.



Graduated in Mathematical Cybernetics by Central University of Las Villas, Cuba.


Mathematical Analysis, Algebra, Geometry, Boolean Algebra, Introduction to Programming, Data Structures, Probability and Mathematical Statistics, Differential Equations, System Programming, Numerical Methods, Languages and Compiling, Optimization in discrete and continuous models, Cybernetics, Integral Calculus, Programming Languages (FORTRAN, Algol, Pascal, C, PL/I, COBOL, Assembler), Simulation and Stochastic Models, Process Automation.

1983 1993 

Research Director in the Informatics' Institute of Central University of Las Villas, Cuba.

In charge of spreading computing technology in the University, related research centers and other high education centers (except Havana).

More than 40 post-graduate courses, several intensive trainings, student sponsorships and consulting to several professionals opting for Ph. D. diplomas.

Three Ph. D. theses were finished, but not defended.

Direct participation in several research projects about technological processes (modeling, automation, and optimization), agricultural experimentation, biotechnology, psychology, pharmacy, etc.)


Training in Elgadphon Communications Ltd., Azur, Israel. Structured cabling (design, installation and certification). Last mile access. Design, installation and administration of WAN networks. Project integration.



Mathematical National Contest.


Higher Education Special Award by "Achievements in Software Engineering and its applications).


Cuban Sciences Academy's Five-year Prize by "Sugar Cane plots drainage Project".


Spanish (native), English (written and spoken), Russian (something).

Work History



Apollo Security Sales Inc.

Technical Support

Latin America

  • Technical Support to local integrators in Latin America, Spain and Portugal
  • Marketing Supports (with several projects)
  • Integrated Security Project for Telecom Argentina
  • Support "in situ" for Vivo in Brazil
  • Several suggestions and improvements for Apollo software products
  • Design and implementation of GoliathReporter for Apollo Lyrix as an alternative tool for extracting information from Lyrix database (3-tier application developed in Delphi, with a very optimized Oracle database and using DevExpress components and RemObjects products – RemObjects SDK and DataAbstract)


Advanced Security Control S.A.

Software development and Security Projects.


  • Project for NA S.A. building with Apollo Security products.
  • Fingerprint solutions with Suprema Inc. technology.
  • Consulting and projects related to Honeywell Security.
    • NORDELTA (perimeter with Senstar Stellar, fiber optic network with Siemon and D-Link, CCTV with Honeywell Video, integrated to Honeywell's Win-Pak Pro 2005)
    • ALUAR (migration from Win-Pak Pro 2 Release 3 to Win-Pak Pro 2005)


Professional freelance


  • Learning and using Constructor() – – as a RAD-MDA tool for .NET applications in several projects.
  • Design and programming a sales control application, Internet-based, with Microsoft SQL Server, Borland Delphi and RemObjects.
  • Design and programming a fleet control application, GIS-based, with TatukGIS control and maps in several formats (MapInfo and ArcView). Ready to be integrated with GPS-enabled devices linked by GSM/GPRS/radio.
  • Hardware selection, design and development a last generation digital video & sound recorder as a Borland Delphi n-tier application. Hardware compression for video (H.264) and sound (G.726), RemObjects communication, Microsoft SQL Server database.



Building Consulting Group S.A. (

General Manager


  • Added new product lines:
    • IP Telephony
    • Apollo Security access control system (
    • Standalone DVR with hardware compression
    • Several CCTV products for distributed applications.
  • Design and partial programming an access control system for CAN-based controllers.
  • Design and partial programming DigitalGuard 3.0 with hardware compression video capture cards.



Professional freelance


  • Redesign, programming and implementing DigitalGuard 2.0 in Borland Delphi 6.0 and 7.0.
    • Watchdog Service (for services and applications)
    • Logger Service (to text files or database)
    • Kernel Service (DVR's recording engine)
    • DVR's Local Client (configuring and monitoring)
    • Remote Server Service (publishing video to remote clients)
    • DVR's Remote Client (configuring and monitoring)



Professional freelance


  • Design, programming and implementing a control access application to be used as a replacement for Honeywell's Win-Pak Pro. That was an n-tier application in Borland Delphi 7, with RemObjects as communication tool, Microsoft SQL Server 2000 as database and build over an object oriented framework developed for achieving persistence and generic presentation layer. The system was compatible with N-1000 and PW-2000 panels, emulating N-485 protocol.


Soluciones Integrales Ltda.

General Manager


  • Financial application migrated from IIS + SQL 2000 to IIS + Oracle 9i (T-SQL to PL/SQL). Database with 250 tables, 1600 stored procedures, 400 views, a connection page and hundreds of ASP pages).
  • Project for CODELCO (copper mining company) for tunnel monitoring using fiber optic sensors (from
  • Database design for an Agricultural System.
  • Supervising Project for Easy Stores.
  • Design and programming of several Delphi 7 programs (Actas4Tutor, Registro4Tutor) to be used in Chilean colleges for exporting statistical data required for MINEDUC (Ministry of Education). The information came from existing software, TUTOR from AndinaSoft.
  • Design of a College System, with object oriented database, web services, fat client, to replace TUTOR.
  • Program for viewing and processing medical images in DICOM format.
  • Project for a geospatial clearinghouse as requested for the National Forest Corporation of Chile, designed after standards ISO TC-211 / 19115.
  • Design and installation of a wireless network in the Yacht Club of San Isidro, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
  • Voice over IP Business Plan for a local company with products from Flash Horizon (



R&D Manager

Marketing Research company, specialized in quantitative studies.

  • Structured cabling Project for CIMA S.A. in the Paris Tower.
  • Design and installation of CIMA's local area network with a Microsoft Windows 2000 Server.
  • Design and programming of several databases with SQL Server.
  • Upgrades to several existing programs in Delphi 5 and 6 (BPTO – Brand Price Trade-Off, CimaTrack - Brand Tracking).
  • Design and programming of several programs for the COPEC fuel service stations (Administration, Data Entry, Processing and Reporting).
  • Design of several programs for questionnaire editing, data entry and analysis.
  • Marketing research data processing with SPSS and other statistical programs.
  • Use and integration of neural networks tools for data analysis and optimization.
  • Application prototype for relating KPI and BPI using recurrent neural networks for short-term planning and optimization.
  • Visual InterDev application development with several SQL Server database servers in replica configuration.


Monte Barreto

Project Manager

Havana, Cuba

  • Structured cabling Project for 4 buildings in the Miramar Trade Center (more than 270 business offices).
    • Flexible structured cabling (for telephony, data and TV).
    • Hybrid telephony solution (POTS and Voice over IP).
    • Data network with Gigabit Ethernet collapsed backbone and virtual networks.
    • TV signal sent through cat. 5 cable in baseband.



Technical Manager / Project Manager

Havana, Cuba

  • WAN Project for "Refrescos Nacionales", Coca Cola distributor in Dominican Republic (Santo Domingo). Main office and 22 remote offices were linked through CODETEL's Frame Relay.
  • Structured cabling project for the first 2 buildings in the Miramar Trade Center (with solutions for telephony, data, CATV and intranet for building administration). Turnkey solution. Havana, Cuba.
  • Integrated project for low-currents for Hotel "Taínos V", Varadero, Cuba.
  • Computer and network sales in PCNET climbed up to 4 million dollars in 1998.



Sales Manager

French company settled in Havana, Cuba.

  • Computer equipment provider for Cuban companies.
  • Working with end-users (companies), became the main provider for PCNET.



Professional freelance


  • Independent consultant in software design (SQL Server and Oracle databases, Visual Basic, Access and Borland Delphi), computer selection and network design for several hotels, industrial companies and stores.



Informatic's Institute, Central University of Las Villas

R&D Manager

Villa Clara, Cuba

Jefe del Grupo de Investigación del Instituto de Informática de la Universidad Central de Las Villas, en Villa Clara, Cuba. A cargo de 37 investigadores y estudiantes de élite en dos temas: Ingeniería de Software y Desarrollo de Aplicaciones.

  • Working with 37 researchers and selected students on Software Engineering and Application Development (also related to hardware).
  • Teaching in several faculties like Psychology and Chemical Engineering (about Statistical for Social Sciences, Modeling, Simulation, etc.)
  • Lecturing more than 40 post-graduated courses in the UCLV and other higher education centers along the country.
  • Several computing courses for undergraduate level.
  • Many research projects related to other faculties and research centers in the country (Chemical Engineering, Hospitals, Factories, Sugar Cane Factories, etc.)
  • Multiple Regression Program "Stepwise", written in OMSI Pascal (for PDP-11/32) and IBM PC. It is widely used in Cuban universities nowadays.
  • Statistical Analysis and Optimization Programming Library with applications to Modeling, Simulation and Neural Networks.
  • Learning and introducing SPSS as the leading statistical application for questionnaire analysis in Social Sciences.
  • Design, programming and updating the first antivirus program in Cuba in 1987, VAC-ACE. It was updated until virus count was over 50.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Como las segundas partes suelen ser buenas, repetimos la visita al Outback de Alphaville y nos reencontramos con las Costillas a la Barbie, las cervezas heladas y el Oblivium...
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